Faces Of Wyndham Exhibition

Multiculturalism should be the norm, or at least in my perfect world.


I'm a mummy of 3 boys, (9, 5 and 3 years old), who are blessed to have a loving family from opposite sides of the world. Their Australian family, (my side), is a mix up of all sorts of European heritage, (mostly English and Irish with names like Connor and Tringrove throwing back to their Irish and English forefathers), as well as Tasmanian Aboriginal, (yes, from my side, as pale as my skin is). Their daddy's family are Jamaican to the core. This mix up of cultures is both exciting and, at times, confronting and tough to reconcile with my own beliefs, life experiences and anglo influenced upbringing. It's difficult at times for an individual to step outside themselves to view the world through someone elses eyes, to stand in their shoes and come to an understanding of why this person believes or exhibits certain behaviours. Within our own cultural groups we can find this difficult. When crossing into other cultural groups, this often becomes a herculean task.


I have travelled and lived overseas, been involved with many different cultural groups and have found the amazing, mundane, beautiful, ugly, the good and the bad in every group, after all, we are all humans. This is the inspiration behind my work. We are all humans, it is our life experience, ancestry, cultural identity and unique outlook that makes each one of us an individual. I want to share that realization with the broader community through the portraits I capture.


For many years my study, work with and keen interest in photography has allowed me to capture beautiful people and moments. Within those images I can see their stories, imagine their lives and wonder about their dreams, reality and what makes them tick. My aim is to allow others to share their individual story, where that fits within their local community and broader society and hopefully inspire others to see what an amazing world we live in with it's diverse people and experiences.

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I've lived in Wyndham for , but was born in India. My parent's are French and Afghan though, that's something no one would usually guess about me. Currently I'm studying Journalism but am really interested in acting.